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Title: UnknownHostiles
Artist: UnknownDamon Albarn
Album: UnknownEveryday Robots
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Title: UnknownThe History Of A Cheating Heart
Artist: UnknownDamon Albarn
Album: UnknownEveryday Robots
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Damon at SiriusXM Studios today in NYC. Damon & The Heavy Seas are there for the Tribeca Music Film Festival Challenge and recording a few radio sessions too.

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Is your daughter, Missy, going to a public or private school?
DA: Interestingly enough, my daughter was raised in the Spanish system, the international Spanish school in London is next to our house. So my daughter speaks very good Spanish. It was the best elementary school in the area and she's very happy there.
How is your daughter?
DA: Now she's 14 years old. She loves music. And photography, cinema, fashion, football. Last week she had the opportunity to meet her favorite player, Fernando Torres, and spoke in Spanish to him. He's really cool. I just wish he scored goals. But I know he knows that - I need not remind him. Oh, and that same day I had the opportunity to meet Mourinho, whom I idolize.
Maybe that's not something to be saying in Spain..
DA: I know, I know [laughs]. But we have strong emotional ties to Spain. Suzi and I began to study Spanish while Missy was too but we dropped it. I found myself doing what she did at school: making up excuses for not doing my homework. My creativity was being channeled to invent excuses for not doing homework. And that was not good for anyone.
-Damon Albarn | El Pais interview | Apr. 13, 2014
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Damon shows support for Unite Against Cancer (source)

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Damon & The Heavy Seas at SiriusXM Studios yesterday in NYC. 

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"Happy New Year"

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Frankie Magazine - May 2014

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Damon and The Heavy Seas at wfuv radio station in NYC.

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